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Single Process

single process

A Single Process creates beautiful, glowing color from your roots all the way to your ends, covering all of the natural pigments of your hair. Dimension can be added through nuanced toning, and multiple formulations may be used to create balance between the root and the end shades.

single process

Single Process

A Single Process should be touched up at the roots every four to six weeks, and the ends generally need refreshing every eight to twelve weeks. Please allow at least 90 minutes for a Single Process.


Single Process Retouch

A Single Process should be retouched at the roots every four to six weeks. Please allow at least 75 minutes for a Single Process Retouch.

$55 – $72


Glosses are an ideal way to try out a color that is brighter or deeper than your natural tone. They are less of a commitment than a Single Process, yet still long-lasting. Glosses are perfect for adding lots of shine to your natural color or highlights that may have lost a bit of their luster.
Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Gloss.

$48 – $65


Partial Highlight

With a Partial Highlight, selected sections of your hair are lightened to frame your face, add contrast to your hair color, or to lend more dimension to the cut.

$72 – $88

Full Highlight

If a Partial Highlight isn’t enough for your hair, then a Full Highlight should do the trick! With this option, highlights are generally placed from the hairline to the nape, resulting in a more evenly distributed sparkling color.

Highlights should be touched up every ten to twelve weeks. Please allow at least 105 minutes for a Partial Highlight. Full Highlights will require at least 120 minutes.


Double Process

If your hair is too dark to achieve your ideal color with a Single Process, then a Double Process is the solution for you! A Double Process is a two-step process that involves lightening the hair and then tinting it to the desired tone. A Double Process should be touched up every two to four
weeks. Please allow at least 105 minutes for a Double Process.

$140 – $225

Color Correction

If you’ve made a mistake attempting to color your hair at home, or if your locks have been made a less than desirable shade, let us come to the rescue with a Color Correction! A Color Correction may also be needed for guests making a drastic color change, and can involve any combination of Single Processes, Double Processes, Partial Highlights and/or Full Highlights.

The price is commensurate with the complexity of the Color Correction. Please visit us for a

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